“First thing’s first. NEVER trust a penguin.”

Black Cat Sylvester sits back in his chair. He’s on the roof of a nondescript industrial building in Nashville, Tennessee. He sips from a maté gourd and squints into the sunset.

“They hate you. They hate your freedom. Remember the movie Happy Feet? Dont believe the hype, man.”

In many ways, BCS is on a quest to change the world.  Equal parts turntablist and astrophysicist, he has emerged from the steamy jungles of Amazonia to save us all.

    •    He’s rescued the record player from becoming just another percussion instrument.  
    •    He rescued many a MIDI device from doing what it was originally built to do.
    •    His shows will rescue your brain from the Verse-Chorus Industrial Complex. (The status quo is boring and deserves to fall to the penguins.)

BCS envisions the next incarnation of the DJ as a melody maker and soloist. Forget your record collection or using your decks as a glorified tambourine.  It’s time to play the instrument.

By studying and applying his turntable experience to the possibilities of tone generation, he invented a prototype called the SynthTable. This device imposes its will on unsuspecting air molecules and music enthusiasts by trapping the soul of a synthesizer in the body of a turntable. The results of his experiments are on display here in the video section, or in the flesh, if you’re lucky enough to encounter The Sylvester Scratch Band, The Perfect Hours, Call It Anything, or any of the projects BCS contributes to, produces, or antagonizes on the regular.

Of course, Black Cat’s number-one priority is to keep the penguins in the frozen wastelands where they belong. Since the rest of the civilized world seems oblivious, these other schemes will have to keep us occupied until they attack.

“You can’t let your guard down. That’s just what they want. They’ll waddle right up here and eat your soul.”

Ever vigilant, Black Cat puts down his beverage, picks up a sniper rifle, and waits…

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