•    "I think what Black Cat is doing extraordinary! I think the SynthTable will take him into another realm of sound and art. I look forward to hear what he brings to the future!"

- Jeff Coffin

    •    "Black Cat Sylvester is one of the most musical Djs on the planet with a natural feeling for seamless technology... A technique & feeling to help any groove... Ears as big as a symphony orchestra... And imagination as wide as a film soundtrack... I have worked with Sylvester in all of the above musical situations and he is the first and only Dj i know to perform at a TED Talk in front of a symphony orchestra! The sky is not the limit with this guy and i look forward to more collaborations and checking out the new stuff he is coming up with!! Bravo Black Cat!!"

- Roy "Futureman" Wooten

    •    "SynthTable - The next center piece of every Dj's rig. For those of you who have yet to experience Black Cat Sylvester's "SynthTable", you will soon learn that this instrument is destined to be the next standard necessity in every Dj's, Turntablist's and even recording studio's setup. If you have had the opportunity to witness the SynthTable, like me, you're ready to buy it right off the shelf. Yesterday. The SynthTable has changed the game. Musicianship, for us is no longer questionable. Tonal and melodic expression has been successfully embraced. Like Bob Moog's re-birth of the synthesizer, Black Cat has revolutionized the function and capabilities of the ever-loved and respected Dj interface, the turntable and mixer. Opening doors to a world once thought of as impossible, this next must have piece of gear, is history in the making."

- Henry "Suspicion" Varno

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